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firefoxWorth 6-Digits and More: The Change Before the Dollars

Extraordinary Stories of Wise Women of Color Worth 6 Digits and More: The Change Before the Dollars is a book of stories about Extraordinary Wise Women of Color that offers inspiration, motivation, and spiritual wisdom. Nasha traveled the country in 2011 and connected to many women from around the world who shared stories about their discovery of self-worth, while depicting amazing strength, dignity and deep spiritual connections. This book features 31 of the most positively insightful women of color from all over the country and of different professional backgrounds--each, is the ideal woman.
Worth 6-Digits and More delivers a powerful message that despite a challenging journey in life, amazing lessons of self-worth can be discovered when spirituality exists; and a Woman of Color can succeed with high achievements, having a good reputation, while exhuming strength and dignity.
Nasha has made it her life's mission to spread the blessing of vision in the lives of people across the world. Using a variety of platforms, she continues to carry the message of elevation to a world in need of direction. Whether wearing the hat of Teacher, Advisor, Leader, or Mom; her deepest desire is to make an impact.
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