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firefoxWorth 6 Digits and More: The Change Before the Dollars

Author Nasha L.Barnes set out on a quest to “hand-pick” some of the finest women from across the country to unveil the discovery of their self-worth.

Worth 6 Digits and More is a powerful collection of 31 distinctive women of color who candidly share their wisdom, insight, lessons learned and tips for winning in spite of their adversity and setbacks.

Worthy women who empower wholly while harnessing their own strength, deep-seated faith and dignity through experiences that didn’t come through glamorous notoriety or earth-shattering accolades or achievements but rather through sheer tenacity and the will to overcome and achieve a victorious outcome.

Based on scriptural principles from Proverbs 31:25-26, Worth 6 Digits and More is birthed on real-life stories, anecdotes and examples about developing a healthy, wholesome sense of worthiness throughout every facet of life. This book will richly multiply you by expanding your mindset, pulling your heart strings and guiding you towards a more fulfilling life of ever-increasing blessings!

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Nasha Barnes

Nasha Barnes